Musicvideo – You Can Pull My Pork

The Musicvideo – You Can Pull My Pork is based on a song from the techno duo “Lazy Uncle”, who asked Simple Pix, a video team I’m a part of to come up with a music-video idea. And we did. I was part of a very dedicated executing team, who shooted and directed the musicvideo on set. From the beginning Lazy Uncle asked ud to come up with a completely different music-video idea, also their song was quite different and provoking. Also it was a budget movie. So we had to break our minds, to find the right angle.


The Musicvideo – You Can Pull My Pork – was shot in only one full day, at Amager Strandpark and in a small apartment in the inner Copenhagen. The pork we found was a cheap friendly service from a close by farmer, who wanted thought it was fun to see his small pig being a movie star. We collected it at early morning and drove it directly to Copenhagen, where the upcoming actors, who we payed a small fee to use, was waiting. It was quite odd for them to act together with a dead pig, but it all went well.

You can watch the behind the scenes right here on Facebook.

Fun fact! The wiking-actor in the beginning was very skinny, and the water was around freezing point. This scene was taken three times and he was literally about to die!

My role

At the set I was first camera man and acted as instructor for the actors. Afterwards I was part of the color grading team.

The Musicvideo – You Can Pull My Pork

You can watch the music video right here! Enjoy …

Pictures and narrative

Watch the picture gallery here, it will tell about how the few scenes in the musicvideo -you can pull my pork – makes up the video-narrative of the song.

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Musicvideo - You Can Pull My Pork - Spotting for pork

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@Amager Strandpark, copenhagen. Two actors spotting for the pork