Dreamoc Play

In my time as Online Marketing Manager @Realfiction, I gave birth to this very cool and lightweight video player app, called Dreamoc Play.

Dreamoc Play makes it easy to control what is played on your POS or Digital Signage screen. It works by taking advantage of Apples very unique Dual Screen Mirroring AirPlay Options, letting us use any iOS device as video content controller and any HDMI enabled screen as the POS- / Digital Signage screen. We developed this for the . But it can thoroughly be used in any situations.

A brief video, showing how we framed this piece of cool video controller.

My Role in the project

I did create the wireframes, the design and acted as project leader, making sure that the coding went smooth.


You can get your copy right here! It comes in two different versions. Free version with Realfiction logo, and in a version, where you can design your own interface.

Free version of Dreamoc Play


Pro version Dreamoc Play