Dreamoc CMS

As Online Marketing Manager @Realfiction, I came up with the idea to create a lightweight content management system for the Dreamoc HD3 & POP3. The idea come, when I discovered, that our customer had a barrier to implement new content into their Dreamocs, because they had to be at the location themselvs. We already had a FTP system, that could do the trick, but it was extremely difficult to use. You had to be a genius with FTP- and XML codes.

So I made an online system, where our customers could upload content directly to their Dreamocs wherever they were located in the world. I even made the code Open Source, so that anybody could fork it and contribute to the system.

My Role – Dreamoc Play

I came up with the idea, I designed it and I programmed it. Actually I did everything myself.

Get it yourself!

The homepage of the Dreamoc CMS can be found here.

Contribute or download the Open Source version right here.

DEMO! – If you have a Dreamoc yourself, you can try it right here.


The Dreamoc HD3, that the Dreamoc CMS works with.