DIY DSLR Camera Rig – CNC Milled

This homemade DSLR Camera Rig, has been under it’s way for a quite long time. But now it is here! And you can get the drawings quite free! Great, right?

First draw

Shoulder Rig - first drawing ideas

Do it yourself

Please contact me to get the CNC plans for your own DIY DSLR Camera Rig.

I made my copy @FabLab RUC, where I study Communication. At the university they have this cool place, where you can use 3D printers, CNC mills, Lasercutters and a lot more. I usually spend a few hours a week here, nerding as much as possible. Great place. Please take a look at their webpage here:, and also look at their facebook page here.

DIY – You need

  • 1 squaremeter 12 mm. ply wood
  • A lot of 5mm. and 10mm screws and wingnuts. Whatever pleases you.
  • Drilling machine and 5-10mm. drills
  • 4 x 15mm. Camera Rig Rods (Find them on ebay)
  • 2 x Mountain bike handle bars (Find on ebay)
  • 1 x 1X Captive 1/4″ D-Ring Screw for Camera Tripod Monopod Quick Release Plate Cool (Ebay link)
  • 8 x ball bearing balls // or Sandpaper and glue

And then you are ready to go!

Download Case Plans for CNC milling it yourself


Pictures of my prototype copy

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