CPHLivestream – easy and cheap live stream service in Copenhagen

CPHLivestream.dk is my new baby. Through a couple of years, I have been working with the technical site of live streaming. I have tested setups, extremely big, with my own RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) live stream server (a WOWZA server, that you can get a 30 days free trial on!) and small easy setups streaming to the well known Youtube server.

Really, there are huge differences. The Wowza server works extremely well, and you have control over everything. What I really likes is for instance, that it is very hard to download a video efter live streaming, because it is being pushed from the cloud, and not like youtube played frontend. But let me say, that the vast majurity, does not need the big setup. Most people would like to just stream to youtube or Facebook.

Why should I live stream the easy way?

Because it’s easy! Because that the easy way of live streaming is becoming much more professional, so to speak. Smaller and cheaper cameras record full HD and 4K with no problems, and wireless setups are easier than ever to make work. 

We’ll set up our live stream solution up in just 15 minutes! That saves the customer’s hours of time, so that we can keep the cust as low as possible.

And finally; our equipment fills a computer school bag. We go around the city by bike and save cars, gas and time that way.

There is no going back. Want to stream your next event? Don’t go big – go by CPHLivestream. We’ll suit all your needs – have a look at our features here.

CPHLivestream is open for business in Copenhagen

Visit CPHLivestream here: http://CPHLivestream.dk – and ask for me, Emil Kildeby. If you tell me, that you have found our Live Stream service on Creactiveit.dk, I will give you 30% off, on your first live stream (valid till june 2017).