Coffee Network – the social Coffee App

Coffee Network – the social coffee App is a project I created together with two fellow students, just after our completed Bachelor degree.

We saw a tendency among loyalty cards in the Coffee houses, that was very egocentric and we saw a direct opportunity to social sales with an app, that could engage customers with each other, let them meet in real life, while maintaining the Coffee bars loyalty program.

The new thing aboyut this app, is that you can, through your social network, connect a full loyalty card with friend, saying, “HEY! We should meet and get together, and you know why? I have a free coffee for us to share or give!”. Also it would be possible to give the coffee to a homeless fx.

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Coffee Network – Adobe Phone Gap developed

The Coffee Network social app was developed in HTML5, so that Adobe Phone Gap could compile it to all phones avaliable.

It made use of QR-code reader and an intelligent system, that would store ingaging informations on customers to the Coffee bar using the Coffee Network app. This makes it easy to target special offers on the app to the specific customers.

Small prototype video