Analyzing SEO – Best tools for SEO optimization

Ever wondered how to get started monitoring your SEO situation? I believe that the best way is to use dedicated tools – free tools for SEO optimization, that will give you an overview of where to kick in.

Analyzing your SEO situation is essential! No way around it. It is important because, that people tend to fix easy problems first, because you dont see your sites real problem. Fixing the obvious isn’t going to serve you any good. In fact you wont really notice it, and in this case you can end up using a LOOT of time very ineffective.

Therefore start with the things that really rocks your SEO situation – do a proper analysis at first. And do it maybe with these amazing 8 tools for seo optimization, I’ve hand-selected for you.

The tools

– are all some, that I prefer to use, when doing a SEO analysis. They are free, or at lease some part of the software is free, and will give you a great advantage in doing SEO.

Sure thing there is more tools out there – and much more expensive tools as well. But to get you started, these quite cheap tolls will take you off to an almost professional start.

#1 Searchmetrics – Compare with rivivals

searchmetrics - tools for SEO optimization

Start off by enter Searchmetrics. It’s a great place to compare your site with your revivals and see how you are doing. Also you can here follow your evolvement of your SEO efforts.

Get the tool here. – It is online and you have only a few free shots a day.

#2 Screaming Frog – SEO Crawler

Screaming Frog - tools for SEO optimization

Crawl your website to find SEO mistakes that’ll kill your chances of ranking high in google.

Get Screaming frog here. – It is totally free, but additional features can be purchased for $99.

#3 Pagespeed by Google – Check your site speed

Google Pagespeed Tool - - tools for SEO optimization

It is pretty simple. Write in your webpage URL and let google see how good your page performs on both mobile and computer.

Find Pagespeed here. – This is free. You only pay with your data ;)

#4 Wappalyzer – Tell what libraries are used on your site

Wappalyzer - tools for SEO optimization

Do you really use all of them Libraries, that you stuff your webpage with, jQuery and so on? Shorten them, CDN them in order to make your page run much faster. Google hates slow pages. Also this tool sees what other or maybe your competitors are running.

Get Wappalyzer here. – its free!

#5 HitTail – Optimize your page by 20%, analyzing long-tail-keywords

Hittail - tools for SEO optimization

Ever heard of long-tail search words? This is one of the only tools out there, that scans your page for long tail search words and bench marks through other pages, who are your rivivals – and then tells you what to focus on next, in order to hit #1 on Google! This is awesome – but not quite free (14 days trial though)

Get Hittail here – Not free – but you’ll get a 14 days trial.

#6 Pingdom – Uptime matters! Get notified, when something is wrong

Pingdom - tools for SEO optimization

Pingdom is always awake, and keeps an focused eye on your page. Every one minute it checks if everything is all good, so that you dont miss customers and google does not think that your page is fakte, luring people into some non-working website. You need to always be up. Pingdom helps you do that!

Get Pingdom here – not free, but starts at $11/month.

(Update: a new FREE alternative has everged, have a look at StatusCake here)

#7 Mobile friendly webpages

BMobilized - tools for SEO optimization

– It just matters! Google have in 2015 begun to badly punish people who does not have a mobile version of their webpage. Of course, creating a page from scratch where mobile is thought about – beying responsive and so on, is just the best solution. But if you want to get SEO optimization quick, there is a hack, and it automaticly transforms your Desktop version to a mobile version. Pretty smart, right?

You can use tools like: BMobilized – it’s really easy! And there is more pages, that’ll do the same job: Here is a few different.

I hope you enjoyed the article. Please share it iy you did!

There is a lot of other tools out there, and this is just to give you some quite effective tools for SEO optimization, that will get you started professionally.


… And there is one thing more! There is yet another tool, that I would like to recommend. Altus AdWords Tool… But now, AdWords’s not SEO, right?? No! Definitely not. But its payed SEO, that kind of works, WHEN – and only WHEN! You have control of your SEO situation, what the above 8 tools for SEO optimization can help you with. Afterwards AdWords  can help you take it even further. But getting started with that can be quite a jungle. Therefore Altus AdWords Tool, are a great way to start. It analyses your situation and then gives you great improvement-suggestions to get started. It’s awesome!!

Get it here… Its though pretty expensive, starting at $97/month. So get your SEO job done first. AdWords is a tiny bit worth before having SEO-optimized your page proporly, fx with the above 8 tools for SEO optimization. - tools for SEO optimization